Pandantiv din argint cu diamant alb "Luceafarul"

Pandantiv din argint cu diamant alb "Luceafarul"

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Pandantiv din argint in forma de stea cu diamant natural.

Inaltime totala pandatinv: 20 mm, diametru diamant: 1.5 mm.

Finisaj: lucios.

Inelul din argint "Luceafarul" este disponibil aici.



Got our wedding rings from Iuka. Absolutely amazing rings. Iuka is also super friendly and very warm. We very much love their philosophy and approach to jewelry. We very much endorse them.

Mukinka Chibanga

Inovative. Ubiquitous.

Kind. Amazing.

The most friendly, creative and excelent people you can ever meet! Plus, these rings have your story, a story that you can #iuka with you in all your beautiful journey in life!

Bianu Elena-Gabriela

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